What are the benefits of hiring trainees in your business?


Traineeships are great for training and developing both new and existing staff. As explained further here, the below are some of the benefits of hiring trainees and/or apprentices for your business:

  1. Acknowledge and retain your current staff
  2. Increase productivity and improve efficiencies
  3. Access Government funding, incentives and rebates if eligible
  4. Contribute significantly to your bottom line
  5. Train staff to the specialist requirements of your business

Traineeships are usually 12-24 month qualifications and include industries such as:

  • Finance, Property & Business Services
  • Food
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Transport & Storage
  • Utilities, Electrotechnology & Printing Ÿ
  • Wholesale, Retail & Personal Services

And more…

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