What is an Info Session and Why Should I Attend One?



A Job Directions information session is a great way to learn more about your future workplace

The Job Directions information sessions are a great platform for job seekers to learn more about industry trends and how to prepare for the workplace of the future.

We outline market trends and how job seeks can maximise these trends for their own employment opportunities.

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Our information sessions provide a great forum for job seekers to obtain an accurate scope of prospect and opportunity within the industries we operate within.

We outline market trends and how candidates can maximise that opportunity to secure employment in these markets.

It is also a great chance for you to engage with us, the industry specialists, asking questions about your job situation, your job opportunity, and how we can get you there.

It’s a unique platform for candidates to get helped manoeuvring from one industry to another, return to work or simply go through up-skilling, to secure that new and exciting job opportunity.

These sessions also include input from recruitment specialists, outlining what clients, what job opportunities that exist today.

So if you are looking for work, we’re eager to hear more about your options. Sign up now, for our next information session.

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