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Connecting Businesses to Job-Ready Candidates

Job Directions is an innovative employment services placement provider. We specialise in finding candidates from all backgrounds for businesses of all sizes.


Individual Support & Disability


Early Childhood Education



Problems We Solve

We understand the time and money cost of recruiting is expensive. Especially so when the hire is unskilled and ends up being wrong for job; the job search essentially resets to the beginning. We solve (3) key problems:

Recruitment Fees


  • First hire free
  • No commitment obligation, no contracts
  • Permanent Placement Guarantee

Time Consuming Search & Selection Process

  • We have expert search & selection
  • Our team takes care of the entire search and selection process
  • Provides you with a shortlisted list of candidates with a detailed strength and weaknesses report card.

Limited Industry Knowledge & Market Trends


  • Our team are embedded within the market trends and are on-top of what positions are available and where
  • We have a strong understanding of the industries and their needs for appropriate staffing

Transparent Fees

First Hire Free

A crucial part of successfully attaining your desired Job is to hold relevant skills and training. We understand this may seem like a big task – Job Directions is here to make it feel like a breeze! Therefore we’re offering your first hire for free. With no commitment obligation and no contracts. After the first hire we will charge a flat rate of $195 per job*

Our Tested Process


Custom-created & written job ads tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Matching in database

Your needs matched in our extensive database of job-seekers.


Effective advertising displayed on various job-seeker platforms.


We will take care of all of the screening, vetting and reference checking for you.


Shortlisted and acceptable candidates interviewed on your behalf.


Placement of successful candidate(s) within your organisation.

Very Professional group of people. I felt like my job search was taken very seriously from the beginning to the end. They have people working there who were once in a similar situation to myself. I am really excited in taking steps to further my career in Community Services. Thanks to Andreas and Team Job Directions. All round 5 stars from me!

Markus Ramman

I felt like I couldn’t get a job and I was not skilled enough. Job Directions helped me with my Resume and recommended some training that I could undertake for free! I got the job on my 2nd interview!

Jordan Karsell

Job Directions made me realise my value add to potential employers. I found it hard to find jobs on my own as I didn’t know what I needed to focus on in my applications – Job Directions changed my perspective and built my confidence going in to interviews. I would highly recommend Job Directions! Thank You guys

Rebekah Thompson


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