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Job Directions Has Your Recruitment Needs Covered With A Wide Range Of Services For Employers:

  • Experienced consultants who work with small, medium and large businesses across a wide range of industries.
  • Services to assist with planning, recruitment and post placement support
  • Employment specific Training
  • Contacts to a network employment resources
  • Professional and reputable training services
  • Support provided at no cost to source job-ready people for your business or organisation
  • Access to a greater pool of job-ready candidates
  • Access to trainers, training rooms and interview rooms at no charge.

Plan to

Job Directions will access a huge database of qualified staff, and access a range of platforms to source the rights candidate(s) for your organisation at no cost guaranteed.

Workforce planning and development support

  • Co-ordinate and plan recruitment drives to support current and future needs
  • Source customised training to supply skilled labour and upskill existing workforce
  • Traineeships information and support
  • Induction processes
  • Understanding your business needs
  • Coordinate and plan recruitment drives
  • Training to upskill


Hassle-Free Hiring

  • A large database of Job Directions candidates with a growing range of skills.
  • Flexible services for permanent, temporary, contract and fixed term recruitment including volume and project labour hire solutions. All our services are guaranteed cost free.
  • Recruitment services for large employers operating across multiple markets.
  • Create position descriptions and advertise your vacancy
  • Candidate screening and selection processes
  • Pre-employment medical, licence and police checks
  • Cultural awareness training for existing staff
  • Assistance with eligible induction processes and pre-employment training programs


Keeping It Positive – Retaining Staff

  • Post-placement support once your new employee starts work
  • Support tailored to you and your employee’s needs and circumstances
  • Retain great staff through professional development in the workplace
  • Skill-set requirements for new recruits

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