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So, you’ve been able to land an interview, thanks to your CV. It is now time to impress the recruiters with your knowledge, answers, and your overall personality. If you are looking for job interview tips to help…

5 Considerations When Looking for the Best Recruitment Consultant


With high-calibre personnel at a premium, and advertising now an expensive business, finding a recruitment consultant who can deliver when it comes to sourcing the outstanding staff you need is essential. Unfortunately, not all recruitment consultancy firms are…

[VIDEO] What is the Difference between Job Directions and a Recruitment Company?


Job Directions offers much more than a recruitment agency. Job Directions is a smarter way to train and recruit qualified staff for your business. Job Directions is a job placement organisation working to find opportunities for our candidates….

[VIDEO] Why Would I Outsource My Recruitment?


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What is an Info Session and Why Should I Attend One?


  A Job Directions information session is a great way to learn more about your future workplace The Job Directions information sessions are a great platform for job seekers to learn more about industry trends and how to…

Opportunities for Job Seekers with Job Directions


    At Job Directions, we are committed to connecting people with jobs across Australia. We aim to develop your skillset and confidence to support you in finding a meaningful job. Along with our highly trained consultants, we…